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Mar 1, 2014 11:30pm PST
daily flu rates every year since the poll started in 2008. the poll found people in environment, north dakota had the lowest flu rates. in the bay area new new flu deaths reported this week. santa clara leads bay area with the most death. a 15th victim was reported earlier this week. >>> new troubles for sears, the retailer is investigating a possible security breach. officials with sears say they are actively reviewing their systems, but so far have found no information indicating a breach. it's not clear what prompted the security investigation. according to bloomberg news the security review is still at an early stage and pinpointing a cyber attack can take weeks of the sears is already coping with years' of declining sale and looking to reenergy sales with a focus on echief meteorologist. >>> it appears that a reaction to spike lee harsh word of gentrification came in the form of a spray can and a rock or two. somebody painted "do the right thing on lee'sliehood home in brooklyn. vandals painted the stairs on lee family home as well. incident happened days after the filmmake
Feb 26, 2014 7:00pm PST
have him in this environment. >> our hearts go out to them for the unimaginable trauma that they've been through. >> it was expecting change prior to today. the time that the investigation continues, we've added a position to help them go through a process. >> uc berkeley's chance put out a statement saying sexual assault has no place on a college campus or anywhere in civilized society. >> in berkeley, i'm john sasaki, channel 2 news. >>> tonight, a 25$25,000 award is being offered over the case of the poisonous meatballs. last summer, a dog died in a similar incident. the ceo of yelp contributed most of that reward money. >>> the video is remarkable. an armed gunman thrown to the ground during a convenience store heist in the bay area. we tracked that man down and it tell you why he's being called a hero. >> and not the kind of video justin bieber wants to be featured in. a look at the moments just after his arrest last month in miami and what police say this showed. he had countless photos. >> plus the beauty pageant queen talks about life turned upside down by a cyber stalker. h
Feb 26, 2014 4:00am PST
street and they're put in to one of the most grueling work environments you can imagine. one of them told me about this thing called the banker nine to five. it's where you work from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 a.m. the next day so this is pretty common and it's a really intense culture. a lot of people get burned out very quickly. > > what happens next to these young people after working those so-called banker hours? > > well some of them stay in finance and decide to make a career of it but of the 8 young people that i followed, about half of them decided that they didn't want to be on wall street. it wasn't what they expected. they wanted the parties and the lamborghinis, and in some cases the sort of wolf of wall street culture, but what they got was something much more dull and much more harder to cope with. > > is it worth it, though, for some in the end? you work and you grind it out, but like a lot of careers out there, at the end you might have some money in your pocket. > > absolutely i think what's changed is that it's no longer the sort of guaranteed pay off. it used to be that
Feb 26, 2014 11:00pm PST
to have him in this environment. >> our hearts go out to them for the unimaginable trauma that they've been through. >> reporter: the school says it was affecting change prior to today. >> we've added a position to help them go through a process. >> reporter: uc berkely's chance lore put out a statement saying quote, sexual assault has no place on a college campus, or anywhere in civilized society. in berkely, john is a john -- john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> the judges ruled 2-1 in favor of actress cindy lee garcia. she sued saying she was duped into appearing in a film. it was called the innocence of muslims, and she says her voice was dubbed over to insult the prophet mohammed. google argued it was pointly because it was already widely circulated. >> sara says she started recording after two women at the molotov ball on haight confronted her. following that, she says a man took the glasses right off her face and ran. she ended up getting her google glass back, but says her purse and phone were stolen. police say they'd like to talk to the man, and the two women involv
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4